On a budget? In a rush to get your magnum opus onto some virtual bookshelves?
Feast your eyes on our range of Predesigned Ebook Covers - all the quality, half the price!

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Predesigned Ebook Covers

Each of our predesigned ebook covers is utterly unique. Should you purchase one of our covers, the cover is immediately removed from sale and all rights transfer to you. The fee includes:

  • Professional, unique Ebook cover design
  • Upload-ready Ebook cover
  • Changes to words, fonts and font colour if desired
  • Minor positional changes of image elements if needed
  • No additional fees for stock images
  • No additional fees for specialised fonts
  • 3D images for your own marketing purposes

E-book Covers

Have the best of both worlds! All of our predesigned ebook covers can be converted into print-ready covers. We will add a back, spine, blurb and your own barcode for an additional 50% of the purchase price.

1. Talk to us!

Get in touch and tell us which of our spiffing predesigned ebook covers you'd like. We'll ask you to pay 50% of the cost and, once we receive payment, we'll remove the cover from sale.

2. Make it your own

Author! Title! Fonts! Tweaks! We will enter the pertinent information and set about making any final positional adjustments that may result from lengthy titles about curious incidents of dogs in the night-time or any quadruple-barrelled surnames.

3. All yours!

Once you are happy with your cover (and not before), and you have paid the remainder of the fee, all rights transfer to you and we will send you a lovely high-resolution image of your new ebook cover. We'll even send some 3D images to help you market your work!

Would you like us to convert your ebook cover into a print-ready cover for an additional 50% of the purchase price?
Can't wait to hear from you!

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